Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Bye All My Children! 42 years!

Good Bye All My Children!!!!  Although I am not an avid All My Children viewer, my mom is.  I grew up with this show every day, and remember the days of Jenny and Greg, Angie and Jessie, Dixie and Tad and well, Erica and everyone!! lol
Considering I am 44 years old, and the show ran for 42 seasons, I can honestly say I was there from the beginning!  It did have its positive moments- it got my mother motivated to learn how to run the VCR to record the show when she went back to work!   I am not a huge soap opera fan even though I am a sahm now.  Just never got into them much.  But on a rare occasion, the show would come on and I would catch bits and pieces.  I would then call mom up at 2:01 and ask, ok- what was going on with so and so, and whe did they hook up with what's his name??  It was a fun connection to have. 
So, good bye All My Children, I know you will be missed!

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