Thursday, July 28, 2011

Target Toy Clearance!

Did anyone make it today for the semi annual Target Toy Clearance?  Normally this time ever year, and again after the Holidays, Target needs to do a huge toy reset and therefore  marks down their clearanced toys to 75% off.  Well, I was a bit disappointed today, as not everything was marked down, and it seemed to only go to 70% off.  Another sign of the times I suppose.  Looks like I will need to be stalking Target for a few more Thurs to check on a few items I was hoping to grab.  I did however get a great deal on
This sells on Amazon for $24.99 and I got it for just under $6- my 5 year old will LOVE it!!  I also grabbed a bunch of the refill foam boards and extra tool sets/hardware for this and those were only $ 1.48- normally $4.99-$9.99.  My little guy will have lots of fun building with daddy!
I also picked up some Jigazo puzzles for my daughters and niece, normally $14.98 for only $4.48
 These are really cool puzzles, in that they are mosaic puzzles, and with the included software, you can upload any picture you have and build the puzzle to look just like your picture.  It can create as many pictures as you want and can be used over and over again!
Hopefully next week a few more things will be marked down that I have my eye on.  I was just very excited to get the construction sets!

So, did you head out, and if so what did you find?

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