Making Money with Surveys, Market Research, Product Testing etc

I am personally a member of all of the surveys I am listing below, and have been paid by all of them. Some you earn points and accrue them until you reach a cash out level, some pay by the survey, some give a monetary amount per survey, but you still need to make a min payout level. Others may even send you products to try in your home and fill out a questionnaire afterwards.
Online surveys are a fun way to earn some extra cash and or prizes while offering your opinion and thoughts on products or companies. Most will ask you to sign a confidentiality clause, meaning you may not tell anyone about the survey or information you may have seen. Often you are evaluating products not yet released.
You won't get rich, but it can be interesting and the product tests are fun! I have tested diapers, lotions, toilet paper, facial cleansers, even some frozen meals- packed in dry ice! You just never know!
Be honest when filling out the qualifying questionnaires, and the surveys/products will follow. NEVER pay anyone for information regarding surveys or any other type of market research.
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Resolution Research
Mom Central Product Testing
Chasen Research
20/20 Research