Friday, December 2, 2011

Did you Miss Out on The Entertainment Book Deal on Black Friday- Here is Another One!

I love my Entertainment Book!  Lots of great restaurant 50% off deals, bogo deals, and coupons for stores and family activities!  The book pays for itself after just a few uses!  I like to keep a book in the car for those times when we are put and about and need a coupon.  They are also great for back to school shopping- I pull out all the store coupons and keep those in an envelope while I am out shopping with my girls.

The deal today is $25 per book- that is  $10-$15 savings per book!  But to sweeten the deal, if you buy through Ebates, you will get 35% back ($8.75), making it just $16.25   If you are new to Ebates, you will also get a $10 Gift Card as a  bonus, bringing the cost of the book down to $5.00!!
 At these prices buy a book for yourself and one as a gift for a friend.  -Did I mention all books after your first book are only $15!!??

Wow- get 2 books for $45 and get back $15.75  ,that is only $14.62 per book  Or buy 3 books for $65 and get back $26.00  that is only $13.00 per book. And you don't even have to buy an identical book- you can buy one from any area, making it a nice gift for an out of town friend or relative- Christmas is coming.  Or pick one up for where you plan to go on vacation!  At these prices you can't beat it- and FREE SHIPPING TOO!  Wow!

AND>>>If  you sign up for the annual renewal you get an additional $5 off per book!!!

So Head over to Ebates and sign up, buy your Entertainment Book today while the price is right!!!

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