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First off, let me tell you it takes time to learn all the tricks and tips. Much more than can be explained in one posting. So each Monday, I will be featuring Monday Money Saving Tips- and will add to this page with each posting. This feature will last quite some time as there is so much important information to pass along! At ANY TIME you may send you questions via "Contact Me" and I will either answer you directly, or will use that as a topic for the next Monday.

Let me start by saying the biggest hurdle to jump when saving money is to change your way of thinking. Always look for a way to save in your everyday spending, as well as big purchases. Saving money is not just cutting out a few coupons here and there. It is a lifestyle. When I walk into a department store, the first area I gravitate to is the clearance area. When I am making a purchase online, I google for coupon codes to use and look to see if I can earn cash back for my purchase. When I am at a department store, I ask at the check out if there are any coupons I may have missed in the paper- they often have some behind the counter! Make it a point to try to save money, and you will. I hope to be able to help guide you along the way, and help you spend less, yet bring home more!!

Coupon Lingo

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Gathering and Finding Coupons

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