Monday, May 23, 2011

Did You Know Many Stores Will Accept Competitors Coupons??

Stores That accept competitor Coupons:

Add yours and I will keep this list updated

Home Depot and Lowes will accept each others coupons
Pep Boys will accept competitor coupons
Joann will accept Michaels and AC Moore coupons (just not on fabrics)
Michaels will accept Joann and AC Moore coupons
Staples will accept most other office supply store coupons!
Walmart- per new coupon policy

Never be afraid to ask if a store will accept a competitor coupon. You may be surprised! Don't stop at just the cashier- make sure to ask for a manager or a CS rep. Ask the person who has the authority to make an exception if it is not in their normal policy to accept them.
Also- many retailers will allow a coupon to be redeemed after the sale. There have been times I see an item on sale and (gasp) don't have my coupons with me. I will buy it and then return to the store later with coupons and my receipt in hand and go to the cs for a refund of the coupons! This won't work for competitor coupons, but good for all manufacture coupons, and some store coupons!

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  1. pep boys brunswick pike NJ will not accept competitors coupons... :(


Thanks so much for your comments! It reassures me I am not talking to myself :)