Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Antother Episode of Extreme Couponing , Ready for More Trivia??

As much as I am not thrilled with the show and its totally unrealistic shopping trips- remember this is for TV ratings and must go over the top for the shock value.  I still love to watch it to get a good laugh.  I mean really in one episode, a woman was planning a party for 20 and bought 17 packs of hotdogs and 35 bottles of Maalox- not so sure I would want to go to that party- lol
Any way, it is fun for entertainment, and makes for a great night of Extreme Couponing trivia!  If you were online last Wednesday evening, we played Extreme Couponing trivia on facebook and had a blast!  One lucky winner even took home 10 whole inserts from the past few weeks!!  Come on over to the Saving with Wendy facebook page tonight and join in the fun!  You never know what great prizes may be had!!!
Hope to see you tonight!

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