Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Landis Grocery Store Trip- Saved 80%!!!!

I went to Landis today, which is a local grocery store in my area- affiliated with ThriftWay. I went armed with a list and my coupons all set- even with out kids! Much nicer to shop with out kids begging for things, and you can concentrate to see if there are other deals to be found. Landis doubles coupons up to .99, and unlimited number of coupons. Here is how I did!!

10 Minute Rice Ready to Serve 2 packs $1.49 each, used .50 coupons
2 Boxes Rice Krispies, $1.79, use .70 peelie coupons I had from a previous cereal run- Cereal for .39 a box!!
3 Boxes Corn Flakes, $1.79 each, .70 coupons
3 Smuckers Strawberry Preserves, $1.99, used .75 printable coupons
1 Solo grips Plates, $1.99 used .75 printable coupon
2 Boxes Ronzoni Quick Cook Past- .99, used $1/2 coupons
3 Kunzler Hotdogs, $1.79, had $1 off any Kunzler product coupons from a tear pad a while back
Apples, $1.48- used $1 produce WYB (when you buy) 2 Kelloggs cereals
3 Pillsbury grands Bisquits, marked down to .99 each- used $1/3 coupon
1 Yoplait Splitz Yogurt, marked down to .99, used .50/1 coupon
1 Chore Boy Sponge, $1.39, used a .55/1 printable coupon
And got 6 Kelloggs Waffles (not shown in picture) for $1.99 each, used .75/2 coupons (these expired on Sunday, but my store takes expireds up to a a week or so!)
I also used a $5/$50 coupon from my Entertainment book- Landis will take competitors coupons like this one!
According to my receipt, I saved 80%

Landis sales Savings: $34.10
Coupon Savings: $35.65
Store coupons: $5.00
Total Saved: $74.70, 80% Savings

TOTAL OOP- $18.33

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