Friday, May 20, 2011

Thought I would Share a News Report on Couponing

Well with economic times as they are, more and more are looking to coupons to help in their everyday budgets.  Many families need those coupons just to put everyday food on their table and rely on those savings.  With the show Extreme Couponing, there are now people looking at it as a sport and just trying to clear shelves and take advantage of some "tactis" shown on the show.  Here is an ABC Piece on just this

As a seasoned couponer, we have seem policies change due to many factors.  Several years ago, I used to be able to go to stores and TRIPLE coupons!!  I used to be able to use unlimited number of the same coupons.  Then triples stopped.  Next they limited it to doubling 4 like coupons.  Then, due to internet coupon fraud, some stores stopped taking any type of printable coupons.  I am now only able to double 1 like coupon per transaction. Things change, but you adapt and still do what you can to save money.

But, times are changing again, as retailers and manufactures eyes are being opened (as well as many interested consumers) to how to utilize coupons in a manner the normal shopper would not.  Retailers/manufacturers assume one set of coupons per shopper.  We couponers sort of flew under the radar so to speak.  Yes, certain stores knew of our amazing shopping habits, but we were few and far between.  They would actually cheer us on as our totals got lower and lower.  But with so many now attempting to shop this way, it is affecting stores profits.  Many stores have already begun to change their coupon policies to make it harder to obtain such great savings.  Do I blame it all on TLC's show, no, but it is a BIG part of the changes I am sure!

I know I have said it before- be considerate, don't clear shelves, be polite at the check out.  Don't make a fuss.  We want the stores to continue to offer sales and coupons and allow us to continue to save money.

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