Friday, May 20, 2011

Giant PA Spending Some of the $5 Catalina coupons I Earned Last Week!

Remember last week when I was buying all the .99 cards at Giant and getting $5 catalina coupons?  Well, today I "spent" a few of them.

I found oven stuffer roasters marked down- $5.13 and $5.54.  Went through the u-scan twice and got them for .13 and .54 cents a piece!  I also bought some Giant brand frozen pizzas- great for a quick lunch- 2/$5.00 got 2 for free!  Bought Ball Park hotdogs, BOGO @ $4.49 and added some yogurt, only paid a few cents for that order too!  Next week I am bringing a fruit salad to my little man's preschool picnic, I will be shoppping at Giant for the fruit for sure!

I just love buying things for pennies thanks to some smart shopping!! 
Did you earn any of the $5 catalina coupons for buying cards?  What are you planning on using your "cash" on- let us all know.

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