Thursday, May 26, 2011

What are Your Plans for Memorial Day? Keep Your Picnic Foods Safe!

Well, Memorial day is upon us and so starts the summer picnic season! Last summer my hubby and I built a deck off the back of our house, and I can't wait to enjoy it more this summer. With family get-togethers, summer birthdays and any excuse to invite the friends and neighbors over for a bbq, you know keeping your food safe is a big concern.

I happened to find a great website to help with any concerns you may have when it comes to food safety. Home Food Safety was created to raise consumer awareness about the seriousness of food borne illness and to provide solutions for easily and safely handling food in their own kitchens, the American Dietetic Association and ConAgra Foods public awareness campaign, Home Food Safety, ™ is dedicated to providing home food safety statistics, information about food borne illness (also known as food poisoning), and safe food handling information and tips.

Some of the interesting features I have found are the printable safety tips, for example the Safe Grilling Tips. In fact, one thing I learned is that my hubby's way of cleaning the grill- turn up the heat and burn it off, may not be the best way to go! They suggest make sure your grill is clean by scrubbing it with hot, soapy water before each and every use.
As always- the big tip on just about every page is to wash your hands before, during and after handling raw foods.

They even have a great chart on the storage/shelf life of different items for refrigeration and freezer:
Properly storing foods can help maintain their quality. Make sure
perishable foods never sit out of refrigeration for more than two
hours, and follow the expiration dates to ensure taste and safety. If no
expiration date is available on the package, the following refrigeration
guidelines provide a helpful gauge. Freezing is also a smart storage
option for shoppers who wish to extend the shelf life of perishable
foods beyond their expiration dates. But whether you’re freezing or
refrigerating, one basic rule applies: When in doubt, throw it out!

There is also a cool How Safe is Your Kitchen Quiz with lots of great facts to keep your kitchen as safe as it can be and keep your family healthy.

And with having a little one getting ready to go to school the Lunch Box Safety tips will be a great resource in the fall!!

So- with the picnic season ahead, are you doing everything you can do to keep your family safe? What are your plans for this Memorial Day? Are you traveling or staying home and grilling at home?

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