Friday, May 20, 2011

PSA~ Make Sure to Put You Name On Your Coupon Holder

Just a public service announcement to make sure you always put your name and phone number somewhere in your coupon organizer! I was out at Rite Ad today and was in a rush trying to get my little guy to get his hair cut at his appt time. I checked out, ran to the car in the rain, took little guy to get his hair cut and then came home.

No biggie, right??? Until I realized my binder wasn't in the car!! Ahhhh, all the work, all the coupons, all the free coupons. I stopped and realized the only store I had been at was Rite Aid and quickly called them. Luckily they knew me and someone had kindly left it at the front counter. Phew........ Crisis averted. I drove back and picked it up.

Like I said, they know me there, so it would have gotten back to me. But if I had been at a larger store, who knows what could have happened to it! Make sure to always have you name and number in it so hopefully it can be returned. There still are some nice people out there!!

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