Friday, March 18, 2011

Ok- Per Request- My Stockpile Pics

Now- please, before you look at these, don't think I am completely crazy!! As a couponer, when you learn to coupon efficiently, you wind "stockpiling" items when then are free or close to it. You do this so you don't run out and have to buy at a time when it is full price! The best things to stockpile are non perishables, paper products, dry goods, canned goods, etc.
Now realize, I have been couponing for 10+ years now, this doesn't happen over night. I have 3 kids, and babysit during the week. I usually donate some each month to the local food pantry, and have a yard sale once a year to "rotate" the stock so to speak lol. I also happen to be the one people call when they run out of something and need it quick! :) Also note, these pictures were taken back in August. I was getting ready for school lunches, back to babysitting, and less runs to the store during the winter months. I only wish it looked this organized right now!

StockPile Pictures Click here to see more!

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  1. Oh my word! I have much to learn from you, Master! I will have to clean out the basement so I have more room once I get into the swing of things.


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