Friday, March 18, 2011

Kohls~~ Go Paperless, Get $10 coupon!

Well, Once again, I am tooting Kohls horn and how much I love them. I do this all on my own, but you just can't beat their clearance racks and monthly 15/20/30% off coupons! Well, today in the mail I got my Kohls bill- not much as I tend to pay it at the register after my purchases. I Really only have the card to get the great discounts and free online shipping. Well, I open it up and what do I see but one of those annoying little add-ins. Well, this one wasn't so annoying, and a good reason to check out those extra papers.
I normally pay my outstanding bill online or in store anyway, so this is a great incentive to go paperless and help save some trash in the landfills!
To Quote:

Go Green
Join us in or mission to protect the environment! Sign up for paperless statements at My Kohls Charge, and as a special thank you, we'll e-mail you a $10 gift good towards you next in-store purchase.

You just never know what you may find inside the bills!! :)

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