Friday, March 18, 2011

To Eat Out or Not.......

Well, as un-frugal as it can be to eat out, sometimes it becomes a necessary evil. Especially when you have three kids all in different evening activities. (Or the occasional I just don't feel like cooking Fridays!)
So when you do go out to eat, make sure you are prepared. There are many types of restaurant coupons, from fast food to casual dining, all the way up to fine dining. You can find these coupons everywhere! Entertainment books,, home mailers, backs of receipts, restaurant "clubs", you name it! You just need to keep your eyes open. It also helps to know your restaurants coupon policies.
Since tonight it was just myself, my 14 yo dd and 4 yo old, we opted for a quick meal at Burger King. Did you know (at least at my BK) that they accept expired coupons, AND competitor coupons- say McD's- for similar food items!

As you can see from the receipt above, the 3 of us ate for only $5.71. We each had a BK Double Stacker, shared a large Fry, ordered a small drink- as they offer free refills- and quite honestly, there smalls really aren't all that small! I ordered a water (free) and got a 4 piece kids meal for my little guy! We had BOGO coupons for the BK Stackers, a free drink coupon from McD's, and a Kids Meal coupon from McD's as well!
I also love my Chick-fil-A. They also accept their expired coupons, and small coffee's are free all day long!
So- next time you go out to eat see if you can find a coupon!

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