Wednesday, March 23, 2011 80% off Sale, Get most $25 GC for only $2.00!!!! is at it again folks! They are always running sales, and I figure I can always stock up when they 80-90% off! This is just like shopping anywhere else- buy when the price is low and stock up!

GET 80% off using code DEAL at checkout, good till 3/27
The best thing about certificates, is they DO NOT expire anymore! I buy now and print them out and keep them in an envelope hanging on the fridge. When we feel the urge to eat out, we check and see what we have on hand. My other big trick to using these is to stock up on certificates for restaurants for vacation time, places you may stop at while visiting family/friends in your travels! You can't imagine the amount of money we saved when going to Myrtle Beach last year! (And if you happen not to use 1 or 2 of them, you are only out a few dollars, but have still saved plenty on your trip. You could even be a good Samaritan and hand them out to other vacationers.)
So go check them out- You can get some great deals- just be sure to check the details per each restaurants certificate- some can only be used certain days, lunch or dinner, and min. purchase requirements.

Bon Appetite!!

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