Monday, March 21, 2011

Sometimes You Just Walk into a Great Stockpiling Deal!!

My girls wanted to head to Ulta today- they had a gift card and coupon burning a hole in their pocket. I decided sure, we needed some fruit anyway, and I could stop at Aldi's. BTW- Aldi's has some really great prices on Fruits, and they can't be beat by any Food Store sales- esp off season!
Any Way- back to my deal, I walked in just as they put up a sign BOGO on the 90/10 ground beef!!!! I grabbed 8 packages (18 lbs!), but now wishing I had grabbed more. At a normal price of $3.29/lb, I got it for $1.65/lb! I can barely get 70/30 for that price!
My evening will now be based around making/baking up up some meatballs to freeze, making some meatloaves to freeze, and browning some of it for those nights you need a quick meal. I brown up about 5 pounds/seasoned and when it cools separate it into meal size portions and freeze.
With these type of deals, I am so happy with my FoodSaver. I can repackage meats in an airtight seal and freeze with out worry of freezer burn!
I have one similar to this:
FoodSaver V3440 Vacuum Sealer
You can also get good deals on them at Kohls when they run the 30% coupons!

FoodSaver - Home Vacuum Packaging Systems

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