Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Earning Gift Cards For Filling Prescriptions??

Well, yesterday I needed to take my daughter to the Dr, and as we expected, she had Strep Throat.  That meant a new prescription to fill.  Did you know that some pharmacies will offer gift card incentives for having your prescriptions filled at their store?  Most of these great coupons are for transferred prescriptions as they want you to continue to fill your meds there.  Occasionally a place will put out a coupon for a free gift card on a new prescription.  I picked up our new prescription at Target, paid $9.86 after insurance, and earned a $10 Target gift card! (Thanks Kristin for the extra coupon) Keep your eyes out for these prescription coupons in the stores ads- Rite Aid, Target, Kmart, etc.  You can even google and may find a printable coupon. Try asking when getting your script filled if they have any script coupons out- you never know what they may have hiding behind the counter!
Most transferred coupons can get you up to $25!  Infact, CVS will even honor those coupons from other stores.  Kmart is also running a current promotion where you get 25000 Kmart rewards points on your card that is equal to $25 to spend there!

A note about getting some prescriptions filled. Did you know there are times when you can get your script filled for less when you do NOT use you insurance! Ask your pharmacist what the difference is. I recently filled my sons Fluoride tablets and was able to get it for less without using the insurance then what my normal copay would have been! Make sure to ask!

** I must add, if you get many prescriptions filled you may be more comfortable keeping all your scripts at one location to ensure there are no drug interactions.  I "play the prescription game"  mainly with my kids flouride/vitamines, etc.

** Most NY, NJ and LA will not allow these per state laws.

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