Sunday, March 27, 2011

Discounted NewsPaper Subsriptions!

Did you know there are actually services out there that can get you a HOME delivered paper for much less than the normal price?? I happened across this website Sunday when I didn't receive my Sunday Philly Inquirer.
I found that at this site, if I were a new subscriber, or hadn't gotten home delivery for a month, I was eligible for the Sunday Paper for only a $1 a week!!! That is 1/2 off!

Also- did you know if your subscription runs out, you can call them and ask for their best deal. If you don't like it, ask if they can do better? You just never know- my philosophy for anything, is ask for a discount- worse they can do is say no, best, is you get it!!:)

One other thing- if your paper is not delivered, or it is missing coupons, or even wet, you can call the newspaper subscription dept, and have a replacement sent out, or coupons mailed to you later in the week!

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