Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wow~ Diaper Deal~ Buy 2 Pampers Value Boxes, Get $20 GC- Today Only, BRU

Today ONLY, March 19, get a $20 Gift Card when you buy any 2 Pampers Value Boxes of diapers (92 ct. or higher) at Babies R Us. This offer is valid in store and online. There is free shipping on any purchase over $75. Looks like they are going for $41.99 each, so shipping would be free. You could also go through BigCrumbs and earn cash back (2.4%)

You must have a Rewards R Us card for this offer. This is free to sign up for and acts like a store card. You earn points for purchases and can get cash back, earn free diapers or cans of formulas for so many purchased... For every 9 value boxes you buy, get the 10th free.

Luckily I am past the diaper stage, and it has been a while since I need to buy some- but you should have seen my stockpile of diapers when I needed them though!! I know I can do great on diapers at Rite Aid, CVS, and Target too. This looked like a god deal with the gift card though, so I thought I would pass it along.
Let's go with
The size 3 box at 160 diapers
$41.99/ 160 = .26 per diaper
Now if you buy 2 and get the $20 gift card, ($83.98 - $20 GC =$63.98)
So $63.98/320 = .19 per diaper.
And you would earn $2.01 back from BigCrumbs at the end of the month!
If you shop in store, you should also be able to figure in some coupons

What do you think Mom's, worth it or not?? I was lucky and my youngest could wear generics, and just about any kind for that matter, so I would stock up when ever any brand went on sale. I also found buying the smaller packs and using the coupons/sales would do me very well!

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