Thursday, November 10, 2011

110 Swag Bucks for BRAND New Sign ups!

Search & Win
If you haven’t signed up for Swag Bucks yet, now is a GREAT time to do so as they are offering new users 80 Bonus Bucks for signing up with code: SBPAYSFORME . You already get 30 Swag Bucks for signing up so that equals to 110 bucks for signing up.
You only need 450 Swag Bucks for an gift card.
Sign up on the first page HERE and then enter  the code SBPAYSFORME on the 2nd page of sign up to get the bonus.  This is just for NEW sign ups!
Be sure to complete your Wishlist on as you could win $2,500 in Amazon Gift Cards!  It is completely free to join in and hopefully win some gift cards!
How to use Swag Bucks:

You’ll need to redeem codes once you find them  in the “Gimme” box on the Swagbucks Homepage in order to find out how much it’s worth.  The codes can be really funny like:  4ThEJ83J or they can look like: HaPPyHOlidaYS.
Using Swag Bucks is super easy. There are several ways to earn Swag Bucks including….
1- Downloading the toolbar and doing searches just like you do in Google. I win 3 times a day doing this.
2- If you don’t want to download the toolbar, then you can do searches from the homepage of Swag Bucks HERE.
3- Just signing in each day, earns you one Swag Buck.
4- Just clicking on the link HERE, earns you one Swag Buck. You can do the surveys if you want to, but they seem to take too long for me to handle. LOL
5- Do the Daily Poll HERE and earn one Swag Buck.
6- Check out and do the NOSO offers HERE.  Basically, just click on “skip” the offers and earn 2 Swag Bucks.
7 – There will be special codes that will be on the Swagblog HERE that you enter into the Swag Buck’s homepage HERE.  These codes are kinda funny looking and may include letters and numbers:  Du7D63LKmw .  They won’t ever look the same.
8- There are other ways to earn codes on the Swag Bucks homepage including watching videos and I think playing games.
You can exchange these “points” for any of the items in the “Swag Store”. My favorite items in the Swag Store are the gift cards! You can choose from Gift Cards to Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Lowe’s and more just by redeeming your Swagbucks! A $5 Amazon gift card is only 450 points! Though you can get paypal too!
I have earned well over $100 in Amazon GC thanks to Swagbucks this year and will be using them this Holiday Season to help lesson some costs!

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