Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jingit-Earn Cash While Watching Videos!!

There is a new program out called Jingit. Seems like a great/easy program so far. You watch videos (commercials) and earn cash!  You add the cash to a Jingit Visa card- you need to order one at the site- the first $2 you earn is used to pay for the card, and from there your earnings get added to it to spend where ever Visa is accepted- in store or online! Also- seems this can be one per person- with cell phone (they need it to verify, but that is it) so everyone in the household (with a phone) could participate! 
When you first start off you can make $5 a week.  Then when you spread the word to your friends you can earn up to $10 a week.  That’s $20-$40 extra CASH a month!!!  In fact, in the first two days I had maxed out my weekly earnings!
How do you earn money on Jingit?
  • Watch a video
  • Answer a few questions
  • Collect your money
I am really surprised how easy this is.  The questions you have to answer are fast and easy.  Not like some of those LONG, BORING surveys on other places.   And when you earn money, you hear a “cha ching”!
So go ahead and give it a try- I have earned money and so can you!  What is stopping you?

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