Monday, November 7, 2011

My Bottom Dollar Chicken Trip Tonight!

I went tonight and picked up 17 pounds of boneless skinless chicken, (7 packages)  2 Stove Top Stuffing boxes, $1.50 each and 2 doz Eggs, .98  each.
I had a a .55/2 eggs coupon, and found peelies for $1/1 Stove Top Stuffing on the packages of chicken.
I also had my $5/$30 coupon from an email I had received.
In total, I spent only $22.48!!  That breaks down to $1.32/lb for the chicken plus getting the eggs and stuffing!  I was quite happy tonight, and my Foodsaver was working overtime!  Our freezer is now full, and I see plenty of chicken dinners in our future!


  1. Do you find it is cheaper to use your Foodsaver rather than freezer bags?

  2. Maybe not cheaper per bag, but the food will last a lot longer in an airtight vaccum sealed bag then in a reg freezer bag. So I do save money by not losing food to freezer burn.


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