Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are you Ready For Cyber Monday??

I for one am a big online shopper.  I really don't like crowds, and quite honestly, you can get some great if not better deals online.  I do have a few secrets to shopping online and saving money- even earning a bit back on my shopping endeavors!

There are a few sites I bookmark to help make sure I am getting the best deals!
First, when I find an item I really want, at a good price, I add it to my cart.  Then I check the reviews, (usually at Amazon- they seem to have the most comprehensive review listing)- one thing I have learned over the years is reviews can definitely make or break my purchase!  Hopefully you have done your homework ahead of time and already know what you want and have looked at the reviews.
Time is also of the essence, deals online can come and go in the blink of an eye!  Super deals sell out in minutes, and Amazon can change prices at any moment.  So make sure you are ready.

A few other must have sites to look at before you hit that check out button!

I love EVREWARD.  This site will show you which shopping portal to shop out of to earn the most cash back on your purchase from which ever retailer you want to buy from. During the holiday shopping season, many stores are offering higher cash back rates and free shipping- this is a great time to  buy online!

There are many sites you can earn cash back from when you shop online.  It is pretty simple- click through the cash back site and find the store you are looking for. Click on the store and begin shopping. All the tracking is done by the cash back site-nothing for you to do. In a few days, you credit will post to your account. For most, you must reach a certain threshold before getting your check, others payout monthly.
Take a look at these- I have used them all, and they are all legit!  Make sure you sign up today so you are ready to make your online purchases tomorrow!

Ebates- earns you a $5 sign up bonus for creating a new account. Has a $5.01 threshold, not including your sign up bonus, and pays out quarterly by check. In fact, just last month I received a check for just over $25!

BigCrumbs- Pays you monthly to paypal on any amount you have earned!


MyPoints Earns you points you can turn into giftcards! I have cashed out several times- great program!

Once I find the best price, and the best cash back deal, I then check RetailMeNot- see the search box on the right side of my blog- to see if there are any online coupon codes that can save me any more money!!

So That's it- I search for the best price, search for the best cash back offering, and look for coupon codes!  
Happy Shopping, and happy saving!!!

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