Saturday, October 29, 2011

Aldi's Oct 26-Nov 1st Special Buys

I do shop Aldi's on occasion, especially fruits and veggies when not on sale at other stores, and their bread products are cheaper than any where around.  I even bought a rug there once!  You just never know what you may find which is why I like stopping in every now and then with no particular plan in mind.

Well, after looking at the ad for this week, I have seen somethings that I have been wanting and are on the cheap, hopefully quality is ok.  But if I do have any problems, Aldi's does have a great return policy, just save your receipt for seasonal items they normally don't carry.  *The Double Guarantee does not apply to non-food Special Buy items and alcohol.
Any who, they have some great deals this week:

This is on sale for only $24.99- the cheapest I saw on Amazon was $29.99

Now, this is per utensil and doesn't include the holder, but they look nice.  I also like to save things like this for my girls' hope chest for when they get their first place!  (BTW, they are only 17 and 14!)

And this cute metal and silicone bakeware pieces!

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