Saturday, October 29, 2011

Invisible Glass Rebate- $3 Back MIR

Two Ways to Make Glass  and Lenses Invisible

Option 1: Now get the superior cleaning power
and clarity of Invisible Glass in large, readyto-
use wipes! They’re a quick and easy way to
remove grimy dirt and make glass “disappear.”
Ideal for windshields, windows, mirrors, and
other hard surfaces at home, work, and play.

Option 2: Smaller sized Lens Wipes gently
remove oily dirt, dust, handprints, and grime
from all lenses including eye glasses, safety
goggles, binoculars, and cell phone, camera, and
laptop lenses without streaking. Keep in your
car, truck, boat, RV, purse, locker, or toolbox for
fast, easy lens cleaning any time.

Introductory Offer:
There’s no better way to PROVE how well
Invisible Glass Wipes and Lens Wipes work
than to have you try them for yourself. As a
small incentive to encourage you to do this,
please use THIS $3 REBATE!

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