Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Friday Giant Shopping trip!!

So Excited to share today's shopping trip.  It has been a while since I actually went out and shopped- life had gotten so busy, and truthfully I hadn't seen any must do deals!
Last week we had a new grocery store open in our area, so Giant, in order to stay in the ball game sent out some great store coupons- $5/50 order and 2 free items, 4 sets for the first 4 weeks the new store was open.
Well, you all know me, and I made sure to use them in the best possible money saving scenario I could!!  Here is how I did!
11 Velveeta Cheesey Skillets- $2 , used $1/1 coupon
(worked out to be less than Kraft Mac and cheese)
1 Kraft Mayo- $2.99 (free Giant Store coupon)
1 Kool Aid Packet- .25

Now- for the above, when you spent $25 or more on participating Kraft items you got $7 instant savings- I had $25.24! (-$12.99 in coupons and $7 instant savings = $4.25 for all above)

I also Picked up Starkist tuna- .83 (free Giant Store coupon)
6 Tombstone Pizzas- $4.19 each- FREE
(I had 6 Free coupons expiring today- I had gotten them for buying Hasbro games a while back!)
6 Giant Brand Ham Steaks- for each 3 you bought, you earned 400 gas points!  I made sure to find the 6 least expensive steaks, ranging from $3.30- $3.58 and earned 800 gas points
Now I have a 22 gallon tank in my van if I let it run way down- so that is a $17.60 savings to my wallet when I get gas!

Run down:
Total:  Pre sale:  $81.41
Bonus Card Savings:
Instant savings: $7.00
Coupon savings:  $36.14
Store Coupons: $8.82

Price I Paid: $20.64
Plus I earned over $17 in gas $  
Not bad for a quick shopping trip!!!

What was your best trip this week???

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