Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rant- New Monopoly Game Uggggg, A Mom's Opinion

Ok- Rant time.  have you seen the new Monopoly game commercial on TV??  We have Nickelodeon on right now, watching Spongebob with my 5 year old.  On came this commercial for the new Monopoly game using a credit card.  Swipe and Win.  With the music in the background, It's not about the Money, Money, Money.....

Um, what kind of message is this sending to kids about money and credit cards?  Get all you want just with a swipe of a card.  What happened to the "Banker" and having to count the money out?  What happened to knowing you could buy this because you had enough money?  Sure, they had Promissory Notes in my day, but you still knew you had to Borrow the money and then Pay it back.  This just sends the wrong message in my opinion.  I want my kids to know about money and how to budget it.  It is much more of an impact to hand over a $20 bill when paying for something then handing a piece of plastic!!

Where are the lesson is math, borrowing and budgeting?  Have we become this complacent that kids games have no teaching involved and obviously no care about  money management?  This game came out during the depression folks!  And what is our nation heading towards again?  This game looks to me like it was created by our politicians, not moms trying to make ends meet.  Let's get back to reality and start teaching our kids that "credit" is not the answer. 

Ok- Rant over, but still not liking this new version of the game.  What are your thoughts????


  1. Here Here!! I just saw the commercial for the first time (11-4-2011). I think that this is a horrable version of the game.

  2. I am so glad to hear someone agrees with me!

  3. Does anybody else find it ironic that whoever wrote the "it's not about the money" song, sold out to a national commercial?


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