Sunday, February 20, 2011

Are you Do-It-Your selfers?? Lowes 10% Tax refund deal!!

Well,  being the frugal family we are, we never hire out for anything!  Poor hubby gets to do it all!  Luckily he is pretty handy and isn't afraid to try new things- on another post I will show some pictures of some of our projects.
We wind up spending a lot of time at Lowes, and a lot of money- even when using those great $10/$50 coupons, or the 10% off ones.  We went into Lowes this morning because we are painting our basement play room (which we finished off ourselves of course) and walked into a great deal!!
Lowes is offer a Tax Refund 10% back program. 
Basically, you buy a Lowes gift card at the service desk for any amount, $500-$4,000.  Use it as you normally would when shopping, even combining coupons with it to make it go further.  Then on March 18th, Lowes will automatically add 10% of what your initial purchase price was.  I bought the min of $500, and on March 18th, $50 will be added, nothing for me to do!  I figure with all of our projects, it will eventually get spent.   (Now if this were last year, when we built our deck, I could have earned a lot more!)
SO if you are planning any home projects this year, this is a great deal!  Just make sure to pay in cash, or pay off the credit card you use to buy this to make this is truely FREE MONEY!!!  This is also a great deal for contractors!
  • Amounts from $500 to $4,000
  • Cards available for purchase 2/8/2011 to 3/14/2011, with 10% of the original card amount added back to your card on 3/18/2011
  • Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or credit, and cannot be used for credit payments
  • Customers returning merchandise purchased with a Tax Refund Card will receive a merchandise credit

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