Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gas prices on the rise: Oil just passed $100 a barrel!

Well, for the first time since 2008, the price of oil has surpassed $100 a barrel. This means higher gas prices. What are some of the ways you save on gas, short of going out and buying a new hybrid car?
Here are a few tips:
1. Try to plan out your shopping trips so you can get as much done in a circle. The less back and forth travel, and combining multiple errands into one trip will help cut down on gas usage.
2. Have a neighbor you can carpool with? Carpools aren't just for commuting or going to soccer practice. Why not join forces and go to the grocery store on the same day, and share a ride? You can chat and enjoy each others company, while still getting you shopping done- who knows you may even be able to swap a few coupons while you are out too!
3. Reduce the number of activities your kids are in. I know this is easier said than done, as I have 2 teen girls in cheer leading and gymnastics. I feel like I am running every night of the week. If you can't cut down, then just plan to stay home during the day, and plan your errands for when the kids are at practice rather than driving back home and out again to pick them up.
4. Does your grocery store offer gas rewards? Keep an eye on the offers each week and see if you can match any of the gas point deals with good coupons you may have- any time you can get a discount on gas is a good thing!
5. Don't drive out of your way for cheaper gas. This may sound counter productive, but if you are travel 5-10 miles out of your way just to save 2-5 cents per gallon, it won't make a difference when you figure in the gas you used to get there. Instead, try to keep track of the price of gas at different locations, and fill up at the cheapest place when you are there.

So, how do YOU save on gas?
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