Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome to Saving with Wendy!

Well, I am a SAHM for 11 years now.  When I left my job as a Child Care Center Director to be home with my children full time, I still wanted to contribute to our family finances.  I babysat a bit in home for some neighbors with girls the same age as mine.  It was a perfect scenario- they were my girls best friends, and her previous sitter had just retired.  It was as if it was meant to be.  But then I realized I was feeding more mouths, and had some added expenses since we were home all day.  It was about 6 months later that I started searching online about saving money with coupons.  I found a few sites and started reading these incredible stories of others savings!!  I knew I could do it.  Ever since then I have been a hard core couponer, trying not to spend full price on anything!! My girls were 3 and 5 when I quit work, they are now 16 and 14, and we had a surprise addition 4 years ago- our beautiful boy!  Luckily by this time I was well versed in coupon shopping and spent very little on all those baby expenses like diapers/wipes and formula.
I have taught others to coupon, including a stay at home dad, and have taught couponing classes at local mothers groups.  I have been on the big coupon boards and have several I still frequent- but I like the small feel, and hope to pass along some great deals to all of you! 
Welcome to Saving with Wendy!  Join on in and enjoy my new venture!

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