Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kohls great coupons!

Do you love Kohls as much as I do??  Maybe because it is the nicest place in our town, but they always have great sales, awesome clearnace, and wonderful coupons!
Now, I am not a huge fan of credit cards, in fact, I make it a point to pay them off each month so that my "rewards points" truely are free money!  Now, back to Kohls, getting a Kohls card is a great idea.  12 times a year they offer 15%-20%-30% off codes when you use your Kohls card.  And free shipping for MVC memebers (most valued customer)  You will get a home mailer with a sticker on the front showing the discount you can use.  Or you can opt for a scratch off at the ceck out.  If you get that wonder 30% coupon, it can be used over and over again till the end of the sale.  If shopping online, you can generally easiely find that 30% off coupon- and if you order at the Kiosk insotre for home delivery, you will get free shipping regardless of your MVC status!!  You can pay your bill in store.  AND if you really don't like credit cards, but want it for the discount, you can use your card to pay at the register first, and then immediately tell them you would like to make a payment on your card and hand them the exact amount you just spent!  Wahlah- no credit card bills, but you get the same benefits and rewards!!
Now, on to the Discount code for this week!  30% off for online orders is FEBSAVINGS
You are able to use two coupon codes when order online for Kohls, and using MVCSHIP will get you free shipping-these are when using your Kohls card.

These expire Feb 23rd.

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