Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ethical Couponing Innitiative.. :)

In response to the recent airing of Extreme Couponing on TLC and what was brought to light about J'aime Kirlew's shopping tactics, a new facebook page has been created, Ethical Couponing Innitiative!

The owner of this page is a great girl, who believes, as do I, that you can get great deals with out misusing coupons! We all want to make sure coupons stay around so we can continue to save money and help our families. So, head on over to EIC and let them know Saving With Wendy sent you. Come join in the effort to educate others, and meet some great people! BTW, she even does some giveaways!

How can we support ethical couponing?
- Educate others about the ECI
- Educate others about ethical couponing practices

Major Goal of this group:
To educate on proper coupon etiquette and maintain the correct usage of coupons! Because wrongful couponing hurts all couponers!

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