Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FYI- No Coupon Inserts Scheduled this Weekend

For those of you rather new to couponing, it is important to note that on most Holiday weekends, there are NO coupon inserts in the Sunday paper. This Sunday is no exception. I would hate for you to go out and buy your paper/extras expecting to find all those great coupons and find none. As sad as it is not to get new coupons, it is also a nice break. Look at it as a a time to make sure you are organized, refile all the coupons you pulled and didn't use, make sure the coupons your printed and our still sitting at the printer are clipped and filed! Enjoy time with the family without worrying about scissors and paper cuts!

If you still need your coupon fix, go HERE
to print out lots of fantastic coupons!

Happy Easter ALL!!

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