Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's day is Sunday- How are You Celebrating??

Got any fun things planned for your Father's day celebrations?  Any traditions, any must do things?  We usuaully have the breakfast in bed- hubby much prefers to go out for breakfast- and who can blame him.  I remember my breakfast in bed on Mother's day- cereal that had been in milk way to long, cold toast with unmelted butter, and instant coffee, made with the entire contents of the bottle.  But I ate it all anyway and smiled and thanked my kids for thinking of me!  On second though, maybe we will let dad experience that great homemade breakfast- lol
All too soon our Mother and Fathers Days will be quieter.  I have one daughter who will be a senior this year and then off to college- my how the time has flown!  So enjoy those breakfasts while you can!

He does have a few gifts coming his way that I am sure he will like, other than that, not too sure what we will be doing.

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