Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Deal on a Cast Iron Dutch Oven-$26.95 shipped

Do you cook with cast iron?  We got a set of this typpe of cookware when we were on a camping spree.  We don't camp too much any more, but I LOVE my cast iron pots- especially the dutch oven.  Nothing better than a chuck roast slow cooking all day in my cast iron pot.  Amazon has a heck of a deal on Lodge Logic products right now.

This is some of the best and longest lasting cookware you will ever own.  It is virtually indestructible, and if taken care of properly will last forever.  These even come pre-seasoned. The Skillet above will fit the same lid from the dutch oven listed. This is a great deal, and with free shipping if you have prime- you can't go wrong. We went to the Lodge Logic Outlet when we were in Myrtle Beach last year, and hubby was drooling over all the stuff they had. This is a great price even for the outlets!
You can cook so many things in this, including breads! Here is a great site that has plenty of recipes for your new Dutch oven!

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