Thursday, June 16, 2011

How Does You Garden Grow??

We finally got our garden in Memorial Day weekend.  I love fresh tomatoes and peppers right out of the garden.  We are even trying some cauliflower this year!  Fresh herbs right out of the garden are great too- we have parsley, chives, basil and thyme.  My neighbor and I trade herbs as she plants cilantro and a few others I didn't.  And of course, we have to have our zucchini plants- love homemade zucchini bread.
How about you?  Do you grow a garden.  It is frugal, fun for the kids to see foods grow and realize not everything comes from the grocery store, and you know it is fresh!!
What things did you plant this year??


  1. This our first year attempting a garden. We planted tomatoes, watermelon, peas, peppers and herbs. The kids had a blast getting dirty and starting our seeds in the colder months helped keep us busy when we couldn't be outside. I can't wait for the kids to see the fruits and vegetables they planted.

  2. Good luck with the watermelon! We tried them one year and the vines took over the garden, and we got one baseball sized melon- Hope you have better luck. One day i want to try the mini pumpkins- but they take a lot of room too.
    I just love having a ton of pepper plants and cutting up the extra and freezing so we have peppers all winter long!


Thanks so much for your comments! It reassures me I am not talking to myself :)