Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting Ready to Make Another Donation!!

Here is what I have collected to donate to the Crossroads Pregnancy Center in my town. I had stopped in a while ago making another donation and looked through the community coupon box they had sitting out. Would you believe I found a ton of the $5 off any Similac coupons!!! I asked if I could take them because I knew I could turn it into free formula for the center. They agreed. Needless to say I hit up Walmart and Rite Aid and was able to gather all this together. I can't wait to see their faces when we drop it all off.

Everything in this picture was free, I don't remember how much the diapers were, but they were clearanced out at Rite Aid a while back, and I had coupons to cover them as well! There are14 bottles of formula, 5 Carefree pantiliners, 5 tubes of kids toothpaste, a sample of Good Nights, various kids toothbrushes, and the large pack of diapers.  Well over $100 retail!
This is only about half though, as I had already dropped off about 12 bottles of formula the day I picked up the coupons!

The best part about knowing how to save money, is knowing also how to help others.  I was able to get this all free and let others benefit from it.  I also volunteered to teach a couponing class for their clients, hopefully I can make an even greater impact!

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