Friday, April 1, 2011

Breathable Bumper Giveway

Check out my friends blog: Bottles to Britches, PA for a great giveaway!
Just like them on FaceBook, and be entered to win a Breathable Bumper for your crib. Breathable Bumpers are made from a soft mesh material, are hypo-allergenic and machine washable. The soft, padded bumper is trimmed with satin and is adjustable to fit all cribs. Breathable Bumpers are designed to allow maximum airflow while keeping arms and legs safely inside the crib.

Bottles to Britches is a great blog/service. You’ve heard of wedding planners for weddings, so why not a BABY planner for your baby? Spend your pregnancy and the time just after delivery (or adoption) ENJOYING your bundle of joy instead of STRESSING about what’s ahead and all the things yet to learn.

We understand your life is already chaotic. We’re here for you, whether this is your first pregnancy or you're adding to your family and feel a little lost and outdated. We can help with, or even handle, all the details.

We’ll give you honest guidance to make sure your registry has the items you’ll actually need and the nursery is equipped with the best and most beautiful, affordable products. You’re not just getting one helper with Bottles to Britches. When you come to us you have access to an entire network of baby planners around the globe who have been there, who know just how lost you can feel in the maze of parenthood. In addition to baby planning professionals around the globe, we also have experts who partner with us to make sure you get the most accurate information to help with the decisions you face, from what products you need to which professionals to count on when it comes to your baby’s health and wellness, as well as your own.

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