Friday, April 1, 2011

Frugal Friday Home Tips~Baby Food Containers

While I was babysitting this morning and feeding the little one her breakfast, it occurred to me how long it had been since I fed baby food to a little one! My youngest is 4 1/2 now, so it has been quite some time. Memories came flooding back- spit up, mushy foods, messy bibs, etc. But it also reminded me I know longer had that endless supply of awesome containers. Most baby food containers these days are plastic, and they are perfect for storing small craft items, organizing a junk drawer, even for those small amount of left overs!
I have 2 older girls who love crafts, so I have beads, small craft foam pieces, jewelery parts, buttons, etc all in those wonderful containers.
They work great in the garage too for keeping track of those extra screws, nuts, bolts, nails etc. They stack nicely too on a shelf or in a cabinet!
Think outside the box (err, jar) and you can come up with thousands of ideas to use these and keep them out of the landfills, (they are recyclable just incase you don't need all of them). Store flower seeds from the fall to plant in the spring, use as water caps for young ones painting, freeze your own home made baby food for perfect sizing....
The possibilities are endless.

Let us know how you reuse your baby food containers! One lucky reader will get an envie full of Gerber Graduates coupons!
Post away!!


  1. They are great for keeping bugs for a while (if your kids are into "rescuing the bugs" like mine are.

  2. We mostly bought baby food in the glass jars but I did save them for my husband's aunt. He thought I was crazy for saving them but she said she wanted some. I don't know how many she wanted but she got like 60! I can think of lots of things to use them for like beads and seeds as you mentioned but I also need a place to put them and we don't have any room!

  3. Here are some more ideas for those jars- make your own jar candles- gather up all your old half used candles, melt them down and add a wick (get from the craft store, using a coupon of course) pour the melted wax in the jar. You can even create those cool candles with shells, pebbles, etc to give them a cool look!
    How about seed starters getting ready for the planting season!


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