Friday, April 8, 2011

Cars and Incredibles DVD/BluRay Combos Plus 2 Movie Tix, Only $21.98 Total!!

We are HUGE Disney fans at our house, ever since my 16 year old was little, and we now have a 4 year old. We never tire of a good Disney movie!
Starting Tuesday, 4/12: Best Buy will have Cars & Incredibles (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Packs) for $24.99 each plus each movie comes with a FREE movie ticket to see Cars 2.

THEN, Best Buy will take $10 off your purchase when you buy BOTH movies at the same time.

Here’s your deal:

Buy 1 of each movie, Cars and The Incredibles @ $24.99/each: $49.98
Save $10 instantly for buying them both together… price drops to $39.98 for both
Use this $8 Cars printable coupon… price drops to $31.98
Use this $10 Incredibles printable coupon… price drops to $21.98

Pay $21.98 out of pocket for BOTH movies ($10.99/each) PLUS get 2 FREE movie tickets. Each movie ticket is worth up to $8.50 ($17 for the two).

That’s like paying $4.98 for both movies.

Whether you pick these up for Easter baskets, Christmas gifts, summer road trips, holiday toy drives or just family movie night, you cannot go wrong!

My little guy loves these movies, and we are in desperate need of a new Cars DVD anyway- this will be our 3rd copy!!! And we most certainly will be seeing Cars 2 in the theater!!!

Thanks to Mama Cheaps

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