Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last Minute Rite Aid Run- Up+ rewards expiring!!!

I just went to Rite Aid as I had some Up+ rewards about ready to expire today. I think I did pretty good for an unplanned trip! That, and some of the things I was looking to get were sold out, so....

I ended up getting:
(1) NeilMed Sinus Dock- $6.00, had $1.50 c/o get back 6 Up+ (I need this for my sinuses still not feeling well)
(1) Gillette Fusion Power Razor- $9.99 had $5c/o get back $5 Up+
(1) Scunci Hair Ties-$1.99 get back $1.99 Up+
(1) Clairol Nice 'n Easy Hair Color Foam- $8.99 had a free coupon for this, got back $1 Up+
(1) Lays Chips and (1) Tostitos 2/$6 no coupons, got back $2 Up+- last minute throw in
(3) Easter Basket candies- Cadbury Eggs and Reese PB Eggs
(1) Barrettes- dd was with me

I used $20 in Up+ rewards, paid .38 and got back $16 in Up+ not too bad for a quick trip!

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