Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing April 6th Episode. My take on the Show

Well, I must say this episode was better than the first. It showed people that stores do have restrictions, and stick to them. Granted, the stores were still in on the shows taping, and worked with the show to help pull it all off. It was nice to see some glitches when stock wasn't available. One thing I found unusual was that the coupons would take off the full value, even if the item was less. At MY grocery stores, we must have smarter registers, as they will only double a coupon up to the items value. If it was $1.12 and you had a .75 coupon, it wouldn't double up to $1.50- it would only take off $1.12.
I was happy to see stores that only double so many of the same coupon and needing to break it into several transactions. Would I stand there for over an hour to make 18 transactions at once, probably not, but it is possible. I as a couponer will warn those behind me that I have a lot of coupons so I don't get the eye rolls and heavy sighs when they have to wait longer than the norm. Could you imagine waiting behind them? I did see they welcomed the one couponer into an empty line- set up I am sure just for them so as not to delay other shoppers.
I also like the fact they showed it as a family affair. Have the kids help out in the one episode was great! It does teach them how to budget and learn about finances.
Over all, I was much happier with these episodes than in the original show. Time will tell how the other shows go.

Did you tune in? What did you think?

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  1. OK, the episode is being shown again and I realized I had missed the first woman while I was picking up my girls from gymnastics. I was not thrilled with her attitude, shelf clearing etc. I mean who will ever go through that much mustard?? I guess I just like to leave some for the next person. And those boots while grocery shopping- guess I like my sneakers too much :)


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