Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Target~~ Clearanced Cameras found tonight!

You know, it's funny. I get worried when my stock starts to get low on something, or I suddenly need something I don't have. Amazingly, a deal will pop for just the thing I was looking for! Call it good karma! lol On Tues my niece called asking if I knew of any good deals on cameras, as she is looking for a new one. Well, strolling the aisles of Target today, I spotted the lovely red clearanced stickers on some digital cameras!!
Here is the break down of what I found. Just realize, this is a YMMV (your mileage may vary) deal, as these were clearanced floor models, so what is at one store may not be at another!
Here is what I found:
Casio EX-Z35 $49.58 (was $79.99)
Casio EX-S8 $53.98 (was $89.99)
Samsung SL600 $64.98 (was $99.99)
Samsung Dual View TL205 $89.98 (was $149.99)
Fuji XP $99.98 (was $129.99)
Nikon CoolPix $119.98 (was $139.99)
Sony DSCW350 $100.28 (was $169.99)
Cannon Power Shot $111.98 (was $199.99)

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