Friday, April 8, 2011

TLC and Coupon Fraud?? Many Questions Have Come to Light

I know everyone else is talking about this, but I want to share as well. I know many of you are new couponers, and may take what you see on TV as acceptable. But, many inconsistencies have been noted during one of the shoppers, Jaime Kirlew, on Wednesday nights airing of Extreme Couponing. The direct link is getting slammed right now, but you can try here:

Just so you all know, there are right ways and wrong ways to use coupons. I Prefer the right way! I have a hard enough time with some cashiers and my legit coupons! I don't want to have to be know as "that" coupon lady. I prefer to keep it legit and friendly. Cashiers are much nicer to you if are nice to them! I know many of the cashiers and managers by name, and I prefer a good relationship with them!
I will be talking more about proper coupon usage in my Monday Couponing 101 series. I know we have all had an expired coupon slip in our pile and misread a coupon or two, but to deliberately commit coupon fraud, while on National TV- I just can't believe it.

What are your thoughts on this incident?? Fraud? Acceptable for TV to promote? Should consequences be forthcoming??


  1. Hmmmm. Not acceptable for tv. I am surprised no one actually checked to see if these people were legit. Bummer!

  2. I know TLC is going for shock value and ratings, but to openly show someone doing that on national tv- gives all couponers a bad rep. It would have been nice if they had done some background checks on these applicants, or at least reviewed their shopping lists/coupons to ensure some degree of authenticity.

  3. Maybe they did it on purpose to show the abusers of the coupons. I believe repercussions are in order. As every day goes on legit couponers who are saving for their families are having a rough time with cashiers and establishment Thanks to TLC with people deliberately using similar-upc family coupons to save is going to make it even worse.

  4. I don't know Saida- I don't think TLC did it to start a conversation on Coupon Fraud. But I agree, I think some repercussions are definitely in order. We will see what happens. I just hate that it makes us honest couponers get totally scrutinized and get the eye rolls and you must be doing something wrong if you saved that much looks.

  5. When I started couponing about four years ago, I focused mainly on diapers, wipes and other baby stuff. Most of my deals are at Target and I usually end up paying about half of the total value after all my coupons and discounts. While I do coupon at other stores, I have to say that I have never had anyone look at me suspiciously or be annoyed with my coupons/deals. Quite the contrary, I usually get cashiers who are impressed with my final total and complimenting me on my great deals. I wish everyone had that experience. I really hope I don't run into the cashiers that other people talk about.

  6. It really depends on the cashier you get. Some of the cashiers are great and happy for you. But there are others who act like your savings is coming out of their pocket. I would like to think they are just jealous that we know how to get such great savings/deals.
    I just don't want this show to cause further scrutiny and cause problems for normal everyday couponsers!


Thanks so much for your comments! It reassures me I am not talking to myself :)