Friday, June 3, 2011

A New Use For That Kiddie Pool at Picnics!

I saw this idea over at When the Dinner Bell Rings, and I just had to share.  It is such a simple idea, yet so practical!  What do you think?  DO you have any fun picnic tips for us?  Please share!

Kiddie Pool As Cooler

When cooking and serving out-of-doors, pick up one of those cheap, rigid plastic kiddy pools, fill it with ice, and set bowls of cold foods in the ice. You can also keep cans of juice or soda pop in the pool. We've been using this method for keeping foods cold when we're cooking outside and on picnics for over 40 years and have never lost a potato salad yet.

If it's a big party, by all means use 2 pools, one for drinks and one for foods. I think they take up less room than all the bowls and containers sitting out too.

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