Friday, May 6, 2011

Aldi's Deals-- May 11-17

I Love going to Aldi's for when I need something and it isn't on sale, or I have no coupons. I really like their produce too- prices can't be beat. Well, at least until my garden starts coming in!
Next week looks like I can finally start on that diet, as they have salad stuff on sale!!

Best Deals:

Bagged Salad- $.49
Cucumbers, 3/$.99
Grape Tomatoes, $1.29/package (not sure if these will be there due to a grape tomato recall)
Multi-Colored Peppers, $1.49 a 2 pack

They also have some nice prices on flowers:
10" hanging baskets, $5.99
1 Gallon container plants, only $3.99

I like Aldi's cause lots of times they get an over stock and I can get the flowers discounted even lower- they made need some TLC, but always do great.

Did you know Aldi's has a Satisfaction guarantee on ALL it's products. Even you you don't like the taste, take it make and you will get a refund. Buy some produce and it goes bad too soon, take it back for a replacement. Just remember to bring a quarter for the shopping cart and bring your own bags!!!

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