Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Duracell Batteries- 10 AA and AAA Packs $2.24!! Rite Aid Deal

Here is a GREAT unadvertised deal!  The Duracell AA and AAA 10 packs (8+2) are ringing up at $2.24 instead of the $8.99 as marked.  Rumor has it they are changing the package size again, thus the discount.  What makes this deal even sweeter, is some of the packages have a $1 peelie Rite Aid Store coupon on them!  There are a few Duracell coupons floating around out there.  Check packs you have at home for the ones with $20 worth of savings inside- there is a $1 off 1 pack there, and a P&G home mailer recently had one in as well.  Unfortunately, some from the last P&G just expired on Sat, but if your store takes expireds you may get lucky!!
We ran out in the rain this morning to see if we could find any.  One store had 3 packs, and I grabbed them.  Another had and entire display set up!!  JACKPOT!!!!!!!!  I only got 8 and left plenty there for others!!
If you can find 7 packs- you get a super deal

$2.24x7= $15.68 (+ tax)
use a $3/$15 from survey on the bottom of your rcpt
and if lucky enough to find 7 $1 peelies,
you would get 70 batteries for $5.68 + tax!!    Or Better if you have any manufacturer coupons to use too!!

Don't forget to use your +up rewards too
I even found packages with the cute little screwdriver!!

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