Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog Feature- STL Coupon Wizard

This guy is the Wags Wizard!!! In case you don't know what "Wags" is, that's short for Walgreen's.
Anything you want to know about Wags can be found at this website- STL Coupon Wizard. He's fun, he's funny, and AWESOME with the deals. He has great insights and fantastic deal scenarios for Walgreens and a few other stores. His goal is to get each transaction under $1 and still gets tons of product and earn more RR's
Check it out!!!

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  1. Thanks Wendy. Walgreens is my favorite with out a doubt. the week of 3/13 ia posted on Wiz Wags ans Have coupons will Travel which I know to be both of ours favorite Forum.


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