Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Check your Rite Aid Receipt~~ Survey gets you $3/$15 coupon

Have you ever noticed the “Tell us about our service and you will be entered to win $10,000″ at the bottom of your Rite Aid receipt? I never really gave them much thought before as I am sure you never did either. Well, they are now offering a $3/$15 Rite Aid Coupon for taking the survey and for us couponers, well, hey, we will fill out a survey!

All you need to do is find the code on the bottom of your receipt and head here to to take the Rite Aid survey. The coupon will be available for print and expires 14 days after you take the survey. Looks like its a limit of 3 per person per month. But I have heard of others getting more.

I also heard from the assistant manger tonight that the store manager gets rated on how many surveys get filled out, and it affects their job retention! So if you know of a great store with a friendly manager like mine, make sure to fill out the survey- not only for your coupon, but to make sure you keep that great manager at your store!

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